Manager Pipeline Pro

Manager Pipeline Pro is an enterprise level, 3D, GPS based workforce managment system that is designed to help large companies manage their workforce effectively. From aiding with succession planning, to antipating future needs through forecasting, to managing applicants with an applicant tracking system, Manager Pipeline Pro seeks to be the end all, be all product that every Human Resources Department needs. With its server/client based architecture, you can be on the go anywhere in the world and manage your company. If you are holding meetings with your top level people scattered across the world, you can all be on the same page with Manager Pipeline Pro. Whether you choose one of our Elastic Cloud Servers, or a Stand-Alone Server, Manager Pipeline Pro is flexible to meet your company's IT needs. Stand-Alone Servers can be run on a PC, Mac, or Linux Box, and can easily support thousands of client connections. Clients can be run on any any platform...Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and even Windows Mobile. Whatever platform suits your company, Manager Pipeline Pro will meet your needs.