Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming has grown exponentially in the last 25 years. With the advent of the Game Boy in 1989, Nintendo strived to create console quality games that the user could play wherever and whenever they chose. Now with the advent of iOS and Android phones and tablets that have 1000 times the processing power of the original Game Boys, the mobile gaming market has exploded and has grown into a 14 billion dollar a year industry. With the relatively low production costs, the market has attracted scores of venture capitalists and publishers looking to stake their claim in the mobile gaming world.

Breaking the Mold

Being an independent developer and staying small, we have unequivical freedom to explore our creative side. That leads to imaginitive, thought prevoking games that are unlike anything in the industry. We are trying to break the mold of cookie cutter, mass produced games that are stagnating the market today. Come Play with Us.