More Blox Plox

Built for the eternal logophile, More Blox Plox is built to enhance your vocabulary agility. With varying degrees of difficulty, the game is ideal for players of all ages, ranging from children, all the way to hardcore experts. Your letter pool you have to work with stems from the baby blocks you have on your screen. Twist and turn to figure out what letters you have and start spelling! the larger the word you spell, the more points you score. The more points you score, you get more blocks begin to spawn, and the more letters you have to work with. With all sorts of cool achievements to comemerate your vocabulary knowledge, even the mother of all achievements, spelling the longest word in the dictionary, the fun never ends!


- Awesome Music - Our Soundtrack is composed of ten of the most unforgettable Classical Music tracks that are sure to get your cortex fired up. Don't like classical music? Be sure to fire up your own personal sound track to get you in the right frame of mind.

- Write Us, Love Us - If you love More Blox Plox, we would love to hear from you. Use this feature to tell us directly, or make suggestions on what you would like to see in the future.

- Screen Shot Time - Did you just rack up an amazing score or get an unbelievable achievement? Want to show it off? This feature allows you to take a screenie and send it to whoever you like to show off your prowess at More Blox Plox.

- Show Us Your Game Face - Are you happy, frustrated, bored, or just plain feeling goofy? Use this feature to snap a selfie. Send us your best Game Faces to get featured on our Facebook and Twitter.

- Leaderboards - Want to see how your round of More Blox Plox stacked up against everyone else? Leaderboard scores are on a per round basis, and are posted at the end of every round. Get your bragging rights here.

- Game Center Achievements - With 29 Achievements to accomplish, More Blox Plox will challenge even the most hardcore logophile, with the penultimate achievement being spelling the longest word in the dictionary. Can you get them all?

- Be Social With Us - Yet another way to show off your skills, you can post screenshots of your genius directly to your Facebook and Twitter Pages. (Requires login of Facebook and Twitter in iOS settings)

Upcoming Features

More Blox Plox Multiplayer Mode will allow you to play with your friends and family over bluetooth or local networks. With two different play modes, see-saw and multiplayer, you can choose to go head to head, or combine your wonder-twin powers to excel to new high scores. With its own achievements and leaderboards, you can see how you stack up against the community.

More Blox Plox Competition Mode will be the penultimate mode for the hardcore linguists. Think you have what it takes to be the top three on the leaderboards? Every month, the top three leaders on each competition mode difficulty leaderboards will win a prize!


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